Umeå | 13.12.2018

Finally seeing sunlight again
Väven at night time
View from Bildmuseet
Lucia celebration in the Stads Kyrka
Traditional Lucia buns
And they even had vegan ones!

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi | 10.12.2018

The production hall where they cut the ice blocks
They were still constructing the seasonal ice hotel when we were visiting

Ice chandelier in the entrance 
All the rooms are cooled down to -5°C
The sky in the morning of our departure

Kiruna | 09.12.2018

All the pretty pastel houses and Christmas lights in Kiruna
The only reindeer we got to see in Norrland
The only street food stall with a Sámi teepee (the owner told us very excited that German television did a report about him)
The mine in the middle of the city
Exhibition in the museum about Sámi culture
The old wooden church