Gotland 2 | 27.05.2018

We found wild garlic

Last dinner on Gotland

Fårö | 26.05.2018

Aurudden Beach

Lidia looking confused why this is the most photographed sight in Fårö and Gotland

Gotland 1 | 25.05.2018

First night of wild camping at Ihreviken Beach
Finally got my hands on the vegan Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Dinner at Blå lagunen
Grilling bananas with chocolate
The many failed attempts to take an artsy silhouette photo (of course it turned into Yoga)
Last swim in the morning before we left this beautiful place

Suderbyn 5 | 24.05.2018

In the morning everyone decides where they want to work for the day

Suderbyn 4 | 23.05.2018

Making salad from wild greens
We made lunch: bulgur salad, lentil burgers and vegan yogurt mint dressing