Vildmarksleden | 26.08.2018

Burnt forest from one of the wildfires during the summer
Early morning in Ängsbacka

Sunnemo 3 | 25.08.2018

Went back to Sunnemo to visit Janna, we decided to go mushroom picking with Margo

Moussa made a sandwich with sautéed mushrooms in Ghee
Janna with Peter's artwork on her face 
Harvested hemp from the field (I made pesto with it)

Sunnemo 2 | 18.08.2018

Early morning fog
The tomato greenhouse
The main house
Making apple chips because there are really a lot of apples in the garden
Guusje and Mira
Lingon berry picking in the forest
Peter and a butterfly that didn't want to leave his finger for half an hour

Sunnemo 1 | 13.08.2018

Above: me, Janna and Sanna before we left to Sunnemo
Peter and Janna building a new room in the barn
Making apple pie with apples from the garden
Cucumber harvest

Miri's visit | 07.08.2018

We found a troll cave
And I took her to my favourite place to the lake