Sailing on Lake Vänern | 30.09.2018

Nina is visiting over the weekend


Updated Room Tour | 25.09.2018

I found a new chair and desk in the attic
Also a wicker chair (which will hopefully make me read a lot of books during the autumn instead of laying in bed and watching Netflix) and a slightly bended floor lamp
A community game we played last week (you could pick a note with a name, that was your 'peanut' that you as a gorilla would do nice things for)
I got the letter and an essential oil (and chocolate!) - Thank you anonymous gorilla 

Open Sustainability Day 2 | 22.09.2018

Photos I took for MaskBook (an art project to raise awareness for climate change and air pollution)

Open Sustainability Day 1 | 22.09.2018

Eliott showing the Polytunnel to visitors
Lunch in the café
Don's wild greens tour

September Weekend | 16.09.2018

Anna-Maria selling her bread in the café on a Saturday

Autumn market in Molkom

All the fruit you can get for free in Molkom at the moment

Alles Allen Kongress Konvoi 7 | 09.09.2018

Joshi to go
Silk-screen printing to go
Amanda looking like a girl band member from the early 2000's
Smoothie bike from the Urban gardening project Prachttomate in Berlin
And there was a big crowd of naked people swimming in Tollensee on a Sunday afternoon