October | 26.10.2018

Above: on 4rd of October was Kanelbullendag and Joachim made cinnamon rolls for everyone
I started working in the community improvement team and we started with defining procedures, like adults
Working on the breakfast manual for Ängsbacka and collecting already existing recipes for it  
The rest of our new office
The team members: Eliott, me and Lina
Lina asked me to take photos of her for her application for a theater school
Making Schnitzerkost with Lina (and trying to make it look as aesthetic as on the food blogs)
Schitzerkost consists of sprouts, berries, kale, wild greens, apple, raisins and probiotics  
It's getting cold which makes nature look prettier but being outside less attractive
Miranda moved in with me and she found a rainbow flag in the free shop

EVS Goodbye Dinner | 10.10.2018

Raw dinner (almond paté with sundried tomatoes, zucchini spaghetti and cashew-mint dressing)
Leila was here again!
Yay more group pictures with questionable light conditions
One last roommate photo with Anna-Maria

Vildmarksleden again | 01.10.2018

We made it Lake Mången this time (and I even went swimming)
I don't know if I will ever get tired of taking photos of pretty red Swedish houses